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Ruby Hack Session

Posted on 26. Feb, 2007 by in blog, Events

Ruby Hack SessionWe had a great time at the San Francisco Ruby Meetup – Hack session. It’s definitely the most laptops I’ve seen here – about 35-40 programmers stopped by to code Ruby, Rails or just schmooze. Thanks to all that attended, and looking forward to seeing you all soon! Photos here

Training at Citizen Space

Posted on 03. Feb, 2007 by in blog, Events

We’ve already had a speaker training event. We’ve held anniversaries and we’ve held client summits.

We’re looking to do more of these events in the coming months and want to get a sense for what events might be worth soliciting speakers and presenters for… here’s a few ideas to get things started (thanks Kitt!):

  • Public speaking. Redux. Bring back Lura for regular sessions from beginning to advanced.
  • Giving effective demos. So many times I watch a technical person give a demo and it’s just painful.
  • CSS for programmers. Intermediate to advanced level, tips, tricks, tactics, setup, tools and process for working with CSS
  • Workshops on cools sites/tools. Cool sites and cool shit are happening all around, but, if you’re not in the immediate network, you may be unaware of them. A “here’s the cool shit” workshop showing the different sites, with bells and whistles, and here’s how to use it. Now, this contrasts from the sales demo – the company wouldn’t present it, but rather a fan would present it.
  • How to build community. …or at least a discussion about what seems to work. Tips, tricks, tactics, and tools.
  • GTD Workshop. Gotta ring up Merlin Mann and see if he’d be down to coming in to chat about tactics for getting stuff done.

So that’s the start of the ideas. We’re happy to entertain others. If you could have any kind of training available to you at a decent rate at Citizen Space, what would you want?

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