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This Thursday: Finish your %#&*@ drafts

Posted on 14. Oct, 2007 by in blog, Coworking, Uncategorized

Finish Your %@#&* DraftsIt’ll be remarkable if I get this post out, but if I do, this Thursday, Oct 18, we’re having a get-together at Citizen Space to help others do what I’m doing right now: Finish your %#&*@ drafts!

As for myself, I’ve got countless blog posts that I started, worked on and then abandoned or just never got around to finishing. Heck, I even have a category on my blog called Untitled, unfinished, incomplete.

But, no more!

This Thursday the idea is to come together and peer pressure productivity. I’ll be providing some decent coffee (leaded and unleaded) and light munchies… you bring your laptop and a penchant for finishing what you started… ages ago.

I haven’t figured out how we’ll celebrate the work we get done that night, but presuming that it’s a success, you can rest assured that there will be all kinds of epiphanal blog posts making the rounds on Friday.

Plan to show up between 6:30pm and 7:00 and then working until 11 (or until your CTS kicks in. It’ll be a good time, one way or another.

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