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Changes and expansion at Citizen Space

Posted on 27. Jan, 2009 by in blog, Local News

Tara blogged about some exciting changes underway at Citizen Space, most notably a move from the 1500 ft2 space on the third floor to a 3500 ft2 space on the first, giving us much better access to the street and providing ample room for larger events and more coworkers.

The transition to this space will take place over the next several months, with the move-in date right around March 1.

This transition also marks a change in management and ownership at Citizen Space. The new space will be wholly run and jointly owned by Tara, Elisabeth Norris and Hillary Hartley.

Personally, I’m thrilled to see how much Citizen Space has grown, and how much coworking as a movement has evolved (and continues to accelerate its spread) since I blogged about the idea just over three years ago. The community owes its success to its inclusivity and diversity, and to the caliber of the people who contribute to its culture, and with that in mind, I’m even more confident about the future of Citizen Space as I move on to my next venture.

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