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Collaboration vs. Isolation

Posted on 29. Sep, 2011 by in blog, Coworking, Local News

Working from home can seem incredibly isolating, especially if the work requires little to no contact with the outside world. Technology has been a blessing by offering telecommunication tools to the workplace, which enable us to work outside of the office at the expense of losing something – namely our colleagues – when we leave. When we lose our coworkers, we stop sharing skills; we rely upon ourselves and ultimately limiting ourselves. Through isolation, we miss out on that intangible collaborative energy found only in coworking spaces like Citizen Space.

Not all coworking spaces focus on industry, professionals, or any other type of identity (for that matter). The best thing about coworking spaces is that they are micro-environments – communities formed by the individual and unique people sharing the same productive space. The synergy of everyone working together – bouncing ideas off of one another, sharing contacts, brainstorming, critiquing – can elevate your own ambitions and potential to levels you couldn’t achieve on your own.

All you need to get started is your computer, a smart phone, and all the chargers of course. Citizen Space provides the desks, monitors, whiteboards, internet, snacks, caffeine, and people.

Are you interested in learning more about coworking at a Citizen Space, checkout our membership pages, or give us a call at 415-501-9155for SF, and 408-556-976 for San Jose.

Newsletter – September 2011

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Member Highlights

Congratulations to Citizen Space member @oneschool for raising 100k in seed financing!

Upcoming Events

Members get free tickets to the Small Business Technology Tour in Mountain View, CA, September 27th! Visit for more details.

Citizen Space is thrilled to be opening a new 2,000 square foot space in Las Vegas, NV next month. Our Las Vegas location is free of traditional office clutter, like cubicles and private offices, so you can rest assured you’re working in a collaborative, casual work environment. Remember, Members, access to all Citizen Space locations is included in your membership, so visit our other cowork spaces in San Jose, San Francisco, and Las Vegas!

Member Updates

Interested in video marketing services? Reach out to Jesse from With experience producing videos for a variety of business, Jesse will help you conceptualize, visualize, and then implement a video marketing campaign for your company. He can be contacted via email at or, as well as by phone 202-549-7339.

Here are a couple links to illustrate his previous work experience:

Between jobs?  Want to keep your skills fresh?  Do some freelance work for us! We are a small SF-based company that sells crazy-cool niche products.  We also have a manufacturing office in Beijing, China. At this time, we sell a single niche product that we designed and manufactured in-house (  If you smoke, you know what the product is for. We would like to find an SF-based web designer/developer team that can do regular freelance projects for us. We like to add new pages, new functionality, and otherwise keep things fresh on our website.

A FEW of our requirements for this person or team:
– can travel on-site to our office near Union Square.
– has a strong portfolio
-I must like your design sense
– Lives and works in San Francisco
– Has an affordable hourly rate
-Can proactively suggest ideas for the website

As we establish a relationship and get to know your work and work style, you will have an advantage over other applicants when we hire a full-time web designer/ developer. We are looking for someone who can meet strict deadlines while striving for perfection.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • your resume
  • your portfolio
  • your hourly rate
  • your availability
  • a pair of old socks

Tyger Manufacturing is an SF-based company with a manufacturing office in Beijing, China.  We manufacture and market products for niche markets.  You are a product designer who wants to build his/her portfolio. We love high design products that grab the imagination.  Our current niche product can be seen at and serves the 420 market. You are willing to do your first project with us for your portfolio and for equity (a portion of profits). You are a product designer/ mechanical engineer/ industrial design specialist.  You have products that are currently selling.  (if not, we can discuss).

-You live and work in San Francisco.
-You can take a product from beginning to end, including rapid prototyping (ie. Membership at Tech Shop), 3D design (Rhino, SolidWorks), packaging, etc.

You can meet at our office in SF on a REGULAR basis.  Although we don’t require you to come to the office every day, you MUST be able to come when requested.  We would prefer that you are working on our projects full time. We are looking for someone who can meet strict deadlines while striving for perfection.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • your resume
  • your portfolio
  • your availability
  • a pair of old socks

All submissions should be sent to Jeffrey Han,


Register at

Route to India – South Beach
September 28, 2011 7:00 PM ($99)

The hardest part of eating vegetarian is explaining to the family that the flamingo tongues at the Saturnalia banquet still count as meat. Ayurveda, the Indian art of cooking, celebrates the joy of food and fosters a reverence for nutritious vegetarian cuisine. Route to India’s Nalini Mehta has worked as a culinary instructor at the Natural Gourmet School and Whole Foods Culinary Center. During 90 minutes of instruction and 90 more minutes of cooking, students will master the art of making ghee (clarified butter), noodles in tahini sauce, coconut date ladoo, and a sari-swirl of equally delicate delicacies. By the time you savor the fruits of your labors during a light dinner, you’ll have developed a love of food that can’t be expressed in Petrarchan sonnets about Twinkies.

Citizen Space photography class
October 1, 2011 10:00 AM ($149)

Take your skills to infinity (and beyond) with Citizen Space and its plethora of evening courses. New DSLR? Photography instructors will teach you to navigate your camera and help you blast off from the “automatic mode” launching pad into a world of exposure, aperture, and shutter speed.

Tech Clinic with Citizen Geeks
October 3, 2011 6:00 PM ($149)

The computer is your business and home’s command central. From setup to security to repair we’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication you can rely on day and night in SOMA. We are offering weekly bootcamp classes which allow you intimate interaction with a CITIZEN GEEK to learn basic knowledge on managing your laptop, IPhone, IPad, Android, social networking, and other mobile devices and services.
You will Learn How to:?Manage your digital photos and videos?Back Up your data to the cloud?Get Email on Your Mobile Phone?Talk Hands-Free on Your Phone?Get Internet Everywhere?Make Your PC Faster?Remove Viruses and Spyware?Backup Important Files to the cloud or external media?Do More With a Wireless Network

Member Perks

Want to save a little money? Citizen Space can help with discounts and perks for all members:

15% discount for TaskRabbit tasks
40% – 50% discounts on W Hotels SF
25% discount for Founders Card

Also, all Citizen Space members have access to our conference room, startup library, phone pod, and all the snacks, coffee, and tea you need to stay energized and productive.

Zipcar Program
Zipcar is providing Citizen Space residents with discounted Zipcar rates – use a Zipcar for offsite business trips or personal errands anytime you like, 24/7.  Your Zipcar membership gives you access to hundreds of vehicles in the Bay area and the over 8,000 vehicles throughout North America and the UK.

Special Rates for Citizen Space Members – San Francisco:
FREE SET UP (normally $75)

Discounted Hourly Rate:  $9.25
Business Day Rate (7am-7pm):  $60
24-Hour Day Rate:  $70
Overnight (6pm-8:30am M-Th): $36

All rates include gas, insurance, and 180 miles/day ($0.45/mile thereafter).  These special rates cover all vehicles except BMWs and convertibles.  Weekend rates range depending on metro and length of reservation.

To Sign Up:
Contact Justin Bowen directly, as he can apply the free set up promotion. Sign up takes about 5 minutes. You’ll need your driver license and credit card. After you’re approved, your Zipcard will arrive at your billing address in 5-7 days.  Alternatively, you can elect to pick-up your Zipcard at our 191 2nd Street office.

How it Works:
Once you’ve received your Zipcard in the mail, simply make a reservation online and use your Zipcard to access the reserved vehicle.  Invoices are online and updated after each reservation (click on “my stuff” then “my bill” to view your invoice).

Already a Member?  Contact Justin @ 617.336.4413 or and your account will be upgraded to reflect the business discounts.

Co Working: Catalyzing positive influence!

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There’s more to coworking than just the concept of people sharing a work space. Entrepreneurs, and freelancers do not opt for coworking just to put off isolation from their life. Co working is themed at building a framework for advancement through collaboration and joining of forces with other members to accomplish more faster.

When you need someone to fire you up to work harder, you’ve got a team of invigorating and dynamic individuals to boost you. When you’re ideas have petered out, you can rely on the collective brains of the crowd.

Coworking yields a positive influence on people. Each member of the community brings a diverse set of experiences and skills.  Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or a remote worker, you’re presence in the community is not futile. You have a voice that can be heard and you should use it. Effective communication fuels a positive coworking atmosphere, and ultimately drives profits for all the members businesses of the space.

Are you interested in learning more about coworking at Citizen Space, Apply Now on our Membership pages, or give us a call at 415-501-9155.

How to make your coworking experience work!

Posted on 12. Sep, 2011 by in blog, Coworking, Las Vegas, San Jose, SOMA

You may be considering abandoning your bathrobe and opt to start coworking with other humans.

To make the best out of your co working endeavor, here’s a few of tips you may need.

1.  Examine your options

Before you pin down your choice, scope out the other options. There are several types of coworking spaces atmosphere and interaction with members varies at each space. Make sure you pick out what you think is best suited to your needs.

2. Make yourself known

Introducing yourself may feel like you’re stepping out of your personal boundaries but puts off the feeling of being awkward around others and evokes an aura of camaraderie.

3.  Know your coworkers further

Take interest in what they do and spend time to converse and socialize. Shake off that shyness.

4. Join Forces

Coworking is all about collaboration. Do not have second thoughts about letting your thoughts and ideas out.

5. You can also retreat to your own harbor of silence

Well, you certainly need to work apart from all that socializing. If you need some concentration, you can opt to seclude your ears and shut it off from any form of distraction with one of those cool pairs of Beats by Dre headphones and some cool music.

Are you interested in learning more about coworking at a Citizen Space, checkout our membership pages, or give us a call at 415-501-9155 for SF, and 408-556-9769 for San Jose.

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