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We aren’t big on rules, per se, but we have figured out that not everyone inherently understands being a good neighbor, so we’ve had to put together a few points for guests of Citizen Space to keep in mind when hanging out. Thanks to Ivan for initially constructing this very useful list!

GROUND RULEZ for Citizen Space

  1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If a key holder asks you to leave, you need to skedaddle
  2. No illegal bittorrent, no pr0n (don’t bog down the network)
  3. Clean up your garbage , put dishes used into the dishwasher, and recycle (blue bins are recycling, dude)
  4. You break it, you bought it
  5. Coworking is an extreme sport, don’t sue us if you break a blood vessel in your forehead dealing with windows, apple’s DRM, or anything else
  6. Don’t be a dick.
  7. WE DON’T DO TOURS at all! If you cant drop in and work from the space for a day or two, then this is more than likely not the right coworking space for you.
  8. We are pet friendly, but clean up after your pet, don’t allow them on the furniture (bean bags, and couches), and bring your own water and food dishes.

Violators may be forced to wear suits and ties or just asked to leave


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