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BTC Broadband Taps Entone’s FusionTV

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Continuing to lead the way with Hybrid TV, Entone, Inc. is teaming with BTC Broadband to explore a new Broadband TV (BBTV) service model in Bixby, Oklahoma.

With FusionTV, BTC Broadband can offer a new BBTV service that combines live Over the Air (OTA) television programs and full digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities, with additional cloud-based media services that includes VUDU’s streaming library of over 50,000 titles and more than 50 popular online applications, such as photo sharing from Flickr and Picasa, and social media via Facebook and Twitter.

“Our FTTH deployment is a key technological differentiator for our services,” said Scott Floyd, Director of Sales, Product Development & Customer Services at BTC Broadband. “With a product like Entone’s FusionTV, we can leverage our high-speed network to bring next-generation, broadband-centric services to market while also increasing our overall customer satisfaction with a rich and compelling TV service.”

Entone’s FusionTV solution is a turn-key managed platform that includes software, equipment and service. FusionTV combines traditional TV service with OTT services and is delivered as an operator-branded offering. FusionTV allows operators to roll out a unique video-centric broadband service that can increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) and strengthen subscriber satisfaction, all without the upfront capital investment and content acquisition complexities of a full scale IPTV system.

“Operators are realizing that broadband is the anchor platform for delivering new revenue-generating services,” said Andrew Morton, Vice President of Broadband TV Solutions at Entone. “BBTV is the proverbial win-win. It offers a path for progressive operators like BTC to potentially upsell their broadband subscribers to a premium tier, and can also give BTC a way to offer a richer, operator-branded TV service for consumers who may otherwise cobble together their own suite of online video services that can neither be monetized or used to enhance the BTC brand.”

FusionTV is enabled by Entone’s 300 and 400 series of hybrid devices which integrates Broadcom’s advanced dual-core processor – providing a flexible platform for supporting an array of advanced video and hybrid TV applications.

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