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What It’s Like Working In A CoWorking Space

Posted on 18. Aug, 2012 by in blog, Coworking, Developers, Internships, Japan, SOMA, Startups

It has been one month since I arrived here, the U.S. and three weeks since I started to work here at Citizen Space where I am working as an intern from Japan. When I heard about the concept of “CoWorking” I was really excited. “I’ve never heard like this idea in Japan!” Today, I would like to write how I feel in this office now about this new concept “CoWorking” from my point of view.


Become Master Teacher on Skillshare!

Posted on 05. Mar, 2012 by in blog, Classes, Coworking, Events, Internships, Japan, Jobs, SOMA, Startups


Skillshare, a marketplace of classes to learn anything from teachers in your community, is now looking for Teacher & Account Executive in San Francisco.



Since I was interested in becoming teacher myself, I decided to have an interview with Stevie who is the community manager of Skillshare. I’d like to share some of the tips she gave me to become master teacher in Skillshare.

Gaining a trust from students

In order to attract students in Skillshare, teacher has to have credibility. How can I earn that trust? Stevie told me that teaching is the only way to construct the good relationship between your students. Get endorsement from people who liked the class and be open to critical feedbacks to improve yourself to become Master Teacher.


However it is sometimes hard to take the first step. For those shy teachers Skillshare organizes class on designing the classes which staff of Skillshare will kindly walk you through picking a class topic, designing your first class, and all the other steps you need.

Building course for your class and create community

Another important concept of Skillshare is “course”. Many other P2P teaching platform just offers intermittent contents but Skillshare encourage teachers to create course with different level of difficulty so that students can improve their skill with continuous support from same teacher.


Becoming Master Teacher


You can also earn the trust by becoming Master Teacher.

Here are some of the criterias you have to overcome.

- Should apply or be nominated by the Skillshare team
– Have taught several amazing classes with EVEN MORE lined up
– Have lots of loving feedback from students
– Have a detailed & personalized profile that links to Twitter, Facebook, and beyond
– Are capable of receiving 15+ endorsements per quarter

Stevie emphasize the importance of endorsement because after all, it’s the student who decides the best teacher in the campus!


Skillshare’s mission is to transform education by empowering teaching and democratizing learning. Every human being is natural teacher!  Transform every place to school! (They even once had class in subway, teaching “how to talk to stranger). I’m sure the future of Skillshare will replace the traditional education system with high tuition.


You want to help accomplish this mission? Skillshare is looking for Account Executive who could help recruit great teachers. For more information, click here for more information about this role.



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Join the Dojo, the gateway to Japan in SV

Posted on 29. Feb, 2012 by in Japan


Presented by Btrax, we had great event for called Business Dojo. (FYI: Dojo means a school to train Karate by the way.)




Over 60 Japanese participants gathered in Citizen Space, networking and listening to the insightful lecture on hiring talented person in US by Ms. Rochelle Kopp, Executive Vice President of GlobalBridgeHR.

Business Dojo is a monthly event which aims to share the business knowledge, enhance the business skills, and network with entrepreneurial-minded Japanese. All the event was in Japanese but they might have English speaking event in the future to shuffle the Japanese community.

Next Dojo will be held in March 27th, welcoming Mr. Yoshi Akiba, the founder of Yoshi’s jazz club! Don’t miss it!


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SharedDesks, UX Focused Coworking Space Finder

Posted on 16. Feb, 2012 by in blog, Coworking, Designers, Internships, Japan, Startups

Out of the 1320 co-working spaces worldwide, it is very difficult to find your best match. SharedDesks will definitively be your help of searching the best fit efficiently, and elegantly. Among of many other directory services, it stands out with its sophisticated design(click the picture below to see), enables users to find the nearest co-working space.

I had a chance to interview Mr. Kia Rahmani, the CEO of this service. So I started off with a naïve question, “why is it so cool?”. He kindly answered to me by saying “it’s not about design, it’s all about user experience”. I could feel his passion toward listening to the users since first thing he said, before even starting the interview, was “so let’s hear your feedback of our service”. Of course this stylish service can not be made only by the user’s feedback. In order to perfect it’s usability, 40% of their staffs are working on UX, UI, and design.


Kia is running co-working space of his own in Vancouver and seeing whole dynamic movement of co-workers. He claims that those nomad workers are moving one place to another, seeking for 3 values; Efficiency, sharing, and opportunity. I’m sure SharedDesks will become a platform which accelerate this movement and lead all the co-workers to optimized workplace.

I think you see the word “alpha” on upper left corner of its website. It means there is lot more to come such as exciting new features and updates! Can’t wait for the Beta version? then your feedback will surely help accelerates and sharpens its product!



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Coworkify: Job market for co-workers in the world!

Posted on 09. Feb, 2012 by in Coworking, Internships, Japan, SOMA, Startups

Co-working spaces are filled with two Ts. Tasks and Talent. What if we you could buy and sell these two Ts with all the co-workers in the world? Anew Facebook app called Coworkify is aiming to do just that. This app, developed by Japanese team, creates a job market place for co-workers, allowing users to post wills and wants.

Wills: Post your skill or talent and how much you’re charging.

Wants: Post your request for help and how much you’re willing to pay.

Coworkify will only allow access to users who are actually a using co-working space. This creates a link and trust between users.

If you don’t understand my poor English, just watch this video :)

video of Coworkify



I addition to those features, the owner of a co-working space can use this app as a Co-worker Relationship Management(CRM) tool.

It all started from Coworkify winning the grand prize at Startup Weekend Kyoto 2011. Now co-working spaces from all over the world are reaching out to them, waiting for its launch. Citizen Space is one of them too!

So sign up for Coworkify for more update from here! They are also looking for partner co-working spaces to test their beta version.

My first post on Coworkify will probably be … “I will teach you how to speak Japanese in Citizen Space for 10,000yen!”  um, anybody?!


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