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Coworkify: Job market for co-workers in the world!

Posted on 09. Feb, 2012 by in Coworking, Internships, Japan, SOMA, Startups

Co-working spaces are filled with two Ts. Tasks and Talent. What if we you could buy and sell these two Ts with all the co-workers in the world? Anew Facebook app called Coworkify is aiming to do just that. This app, developed by Japanese team, creates a job market place for co-workers, allowing users to post wills and wants.

Wills: Post your skill or talent and how much you’re charging.

Wants: Post your request for help and how much you’re willing to pay.

Coworkify will only allow access to users who are actually a using co-working space. This creates a link and trust between users.

If you don’t understand my poor English, just watch this video :)

video of Coworkify



I addition to those features, the owner of a co-working space can use this app as a Co-worker Relationship Management(CRM) tool.

It all started from Coworkify winning the grand prize at Startup Weekend Kyoto 2011. Now co-working spaces from all over the world are reaching out to them, waiting for its launch. Citizen Space is one of them too!

So sign up for Coworkify for more update from here! They are also looking for partner co-working spaces to test their beta version.

My first post on Coworkify will probably be … “I will teach you how to speak Japanese in Citizen Space for 10,000yen!”  um, anybody?!


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We now have a Japanese UX Samurai at Citizen Space

Posted on 03. Feb, 2012 by in Coworking, Internships, Japan, SOMA

What does Co-working, UX design,  and Samurai’s have in common? Me, Keisuke Kajitani the new intern at Citizen Space. I’m a Japanese university student and I will start my career as a venture capitalist this coming April in Japan. Working in California is like a dream come true to me since the US is the mecca for entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Anyway, my first assignment as a intern was to give feedback on the user experience of  a mobile application. Wow, commenting on a product’s UX in the first day of my internship!? I’m not a professional on the matter at all! However, my mentor knew how important it is to get an opinion from “non-techy” users. After all, the customers who will use the application will mainly be normal people like myself.

I believe many app developers are wondering how to effectively get feedback more efficiently. When it comes to communicating with “non-techy” users, it becomes an even more difficult task. I have one suggestion, use  a simple collaborative service like Notableapp from Zurb <> . Why did I emphasized the  simple part? Because many of the wireframing services has too many features that “non techy” commentator like me has no idea have to use it right. Notable is one solution for you. It allows commentator to just drag the part they want to make a comment and directly write comment on it intuitively. This simple experience will definitively reduce the stress of commentator.

If you have to create wire frames from scratch, Cacoo might work better. This web service from a Japanese team allows you to draw wireframe itself and what’s special about it is that the several people can edit the wireframe simultaneously, meaning the change or comment one person makes will reflect to other person’s screen. By using this service, two or more commentators
can have discussion at the same time, improving the quality and shortening the time and cost spent on the wireframing process. (checkout the video)

“Non-techy”  users can sometimes be helpful so please use me anytime when you drop by Citizen Space. :)

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