Citizen Space sponsors Bike-A-Thon for Coworking Awareness

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Philanthropy and bicycling have, for a long time, been partnered together to launch very successful fundraising and awareness campaigns for causes of all types.  Bike-a-thons are fundamentally optimal for wide-range campaign awareness because they are also sustainable, and driven by passionate, devoted, and proactive people putting forth exceptional physical effort to raise funds and/or awareness for their cause.

Citizen Space is proud to have sponsored its very own bike-a-thon to raise awareness for our fundamental campaign: “coworking, it’s a way of life”.  Having served a wide range of business customers from freelance artists to quickly growing startups, Citizen Space aims to share the success in collaborative, shared working environments by sponsoring its very own, Jason Hardy, to bike long distance, and stop at coworking spaces along the way.

Jason is currently en route from San Francisco, CA to Mexico!  Along the way, he is stopping at other coworking spaces and sharing with them his own experience in coworking through speaking and workshops, as well as being a resident for a day or so in their space.  By sharing coworking with others, he is coworking simultaneously- and we can’t think of a better way to share the success of coworking in this way.

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Citizen Space is the world’s first coworking space located at 425 2nd Street, in the SoMa district of San Francisco.  The idea of Citizen Space is to take the best elements of a coffee shop (social, energetic, creative) and the best elements of a workspace (productive, functional) and combine them to give indie workers the chance to have their own, affordable space. Citizen Space was built on coworking philosophy. Our residents (past and present) range from: software engineers, web developers, social media consultants/strategists, graphic designers, product designers, public relations specialists, and sustainable web hosting entrepreneurs

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