Kiss your to-do list goodbye!

Posted on 28. Dec, 2011 by in blog

The holiday season often brings rest and leisure time, and I, for one, have no complaints about the carefree, sleepy, do-whatever-you-want season.  It’s a precious gem that should be savored, my friends.

The biggest problem that most hardworking people have with savoring their holiday vacation time is distinguishing between what is and isn’t something that can wait until later.  Lingering tasks hang like stockings over fireplaces, and these are the little gifts that just keep on giving.   You start off dreaming of warm hot chocolate mornings and restful evenings tweeting from iPads.  Then, with nothing more then a buzz, Siri reminds you that you didn’t finish that web copy you were supposed to write to kickstart a new project for next year.   You know how the rest goes….you end up in keyboard warrior mode again before you know it.

Thankfully, we have a pretty great solution to this quandary, at last!  I am happy to gift our membership with 15% off of their first task when signing up for @TaskRabbit!  TaskRabbit is a great tool that allows you to hire a trustworthy, background-checked, task-crunching allstar to take care of the small tasks that somehow seem to take up so much room on your list of to-do’s.  TaskRabbit has been one of my favorite discoveries all year, and there’s no better way to share how rad they are than to give everyone sweet deal on giving it a try!

With this one, I assure you that your planner is in for a real makeover!

Enjoy, & Happy New Years!

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