> Voucher Redemption FAQ

If you purchased a Citizen class from Google Offers, SignPost, Yelp, Groupon, or LivingSocial, please follow these steps to redeem your purchase online.

Recently buy a voucher and trying to redeem?  Voucher IDs are typically uploaded right after the promotion ends.  Please allow 24-48 hours for redemption.  Thank you! 

Step One: Please go to www.citizenspace.us
Step Two: Select the city you would like to take a class.
Step Three: Choose your preferred class and date that you would like to attend and click register button
Step Four (Groupon): During registration, enter your deal site voucher code field where prompted
Step Four (LivingSocial): During registration, enter your deal site voucher code field where prompted
Step Five: Confirm your order and check your inbox for the confirmation email. Please make sure to check your bulk folder as well. Sometimes we may end up there.

If I purchase two deal vouchers, do I need to use both or can I give one to a friend?

Well, that’s nice of you.  You are absolutely allowed to give one to a friend if you like.

I don’t see a class time that works for me. What should I do?

We typically maintain class schedules about 1 to 2 months out and are always adding new dates.  Make sure to monitor the page and see if spots open up, or email us at manager@citizenspace.us  and let us know which classes and city you are interested in.  We will then email you when new dates are available.

My deal voucher is expiring and I want to use it but don’t see any classes available by my expiration date. What do I do?

Don’t worry.  We only ask that you schedule by your expiration date and you can register for a class that takes place after your expiration date.

How do I register for my second class if I purchased a 2-Pack?

You can actually use your same code.  When we upload your voucher IDs, we are able to differentiate from users who purchased 1-packs versus 2-packs.

Membership Includes

  • Dedicated desk that is all yours (full members only)
  • Unlimited use of conference room
  • Access to lounge, kitchen, cafe area
  • Space to host evening or weekend events/workshops
  • Space for third parties to come in and collaborate with you
  • WiFi, printer/copier
  • Coffee, tea, water, office ‘perks’ (like sometimes beer, wine, snacks and stuff)
  • Projector, whiteboards, flip charts
  • Growing library of resources
  • Working with cool people

Ground Rules:

  • Respect the space of other Citizens
  • Be a groovy cat: digging a higher purpose in life and contribute to making this a great space to work.
  • Be okay with evening and occasional weekend events happening in the space (you will be warned, don't worry)
  • Insure your own belongings/equipment

Member Perks

Task Rabbit - 15% Off Tasks 15% Off Tasks
W Hotels SF: 40% - 50% Off 40% - 50% Off
Founders Card - 25% Off FOUNDERS
25% Off
Coffee & Tea COFFEE & TEA
Fueled Collective - 50% Off Coworking at Fueled FUELED COLLECTIVE
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