Advantages of Coworking

Posted on 20. Apr, 2011 by in blog, Coworking

Since we started Coworking in 2007, more and more entrepreneurs are adapting to this new working fashion because of the many benefits and advantages they can get. Since it is a community, you will always have someone working with you, another advantage is the reduction of the cost of your rent, and electricity bills as well as the maintenance of all office utilities and equipment like a printer and ink catridges.

In addition you can also accelerate creativity and enrich your brain power through brain storming with your co-workers when certain issues will arise. Camaraderie will also be enjoyed as you get along with your coworkers, their support will push you into more actions rather than ideas and thinking. Lastly expansion of your business can be possible through the clients of your coworkers as you can have all the chances to introduce your business while entertaining your co-worker’s client when he/she is away.

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