Collaboration vs. Isolation

Posted on 29. Sep, 2011 by in blog, Coworking, Local News

Working from home can seem incredibly isolating, especially if the work requires little to no contact with the outside world. Technology has been a blessing by offering telecommunication tools to the workplace, which enable us to work outside of the office at the expense of losing something – namely our colleagues – when we leave. When we lose our coworkers, we stop sharing skills; we rely upon ourselves and ultimately limiting ourselves. Through isolation, we miss out on that intangible collaborative energy found only in coworking spaces like Citizen Space.

Not all coworking spaces focus on industry, professionals, or any other type of identity (for that matter). The best thing about coworking spaces is that they are micro-environments – communities formed by the individual and unique people sharing the same productive space. The synergy of everyone working together – bouncing ideas off of one another, sharing contacts, brainstorming, critiquing – can elevate your own ambitions and potential to levels you couldn’t achieve on your own.

All you need to get started is your computer, a smart phone, and all the chargers of course. Citizen Space provides the desks, monitors, whiteboards, internet, snacks, caffeine, and people.

Are you interested in learning more about coworking at a Citizen Space, checkout our membership pages, or give us a call at 415-501-9155for SF, and 408-556-976 for San Jose.

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