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Posted on 14. May, 2010 by in blog, Coworking

Alex Shepard, Shawn Shah, Sean O’Shea and Kim Gustafson had been commuting for two hours every day from San Francisco to Mountain View to work at Eye-Fi, a 30-person startup that creates wireless-enabled cards for digital cameras. The long commute can be a drag, but when Eye-Fi discovered Citizen Space, the company found a flexible and affordable way to for its employees to occasionally work from the city.

Eye-Fi at Work. Left to right, Alex Shepard, Kim Gustafson, and Sean O'Shea.

Eye-Fi at Work. Left to right, Alex Shepard, Kim Gustafson, and Sean O'Shea. By Jason Whalen at Agency Charlie.

Eye-Fi at Work. Left to right, Alex Shepard, Kim Gustafson, and Sean O’Shea. By Jason Whalen at Agency Charlie.

At first, the guys worked from local coffee shops once a week. Some coffee shops, however, lacked outlets, and they couldn’t talk without disturbing other customers. “Plus,” Alex adds, “at the end of the day you’re totally upset becauase you’ve been drinking coffee all day.” They wanted to go somewhere where the group of them could feel free to collaborate.

After researching coworking options, they found Citizen Space. Eye-fi worked out a flexible membership arrangement, coworking as a group of four or five once a week. Now on Wednesdays, you can find the smart and focused team working from our communal table.

Besides reducing the long commute, Eye-Fi has found surprising benefits from being part of the Citizen Space network. It’s a casual space and by literally sitting around a table together they collaborate in ways a traditional office doesn’t always encourage.

For example, as a result of meeting the Eye-Fi guys at Citizen Space and learning how their product works, one visitor, Patrick Buckley, created EventPod. His service collects the pictures taken by wedding guests to a central account (using Eye-Fi cards). Patrick has been a great friend of the company, buying many of their units and visiting them in Mountain View to deliver feedback.

We at Citizen Space are thrilled to have the Eye-Fi’s as part of our community. If you’re an employer or commuter looking to reduce the time spent on a train and work in a supportive, casual environment, we’re happy to discuss a flexible membership.

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