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Posted on 16. Feb, 2012 by in blog, Coworking, Designers, Internships, Japan, Startups

Out of the 1320 co-working spaces worldwide, it is very difficult to find your best match. SharedDesks will definitively be your help of searching the best fit efficiently, and elegantly. Among of many other directory services, it stands out with its sophisticated design(click the picture below to see), enables users to find the nearest co-working space.

I had a chance to interview Mr. Kia Rahmani, the CEO of this service. So I started off with a naïve question, “why is it so cool?”. He kindly answered to me by saying “it’s not about design, it’s all about user experience”. I could feel his passion toward listening to the users since first thing he said, before even starting the interview, was “so let’s hear your feedback of our service”. Of course this stylish service can not be made only by the user’s feedback. In order to perfect it’s usability, 40% of their staffs are working on UX, UI, and design.


Kia is running co-working space of his own in Vancouver and seeing whole dynamic movement of co-workers. He claims that those nomad workers are moving one place to another, seeking for 3 values; Efficiency, sharing, and opportunity. I’m sure SharedDesks will become a platform which accelerate this movement and lead all the co-workers to optimized workplace.

I think you see the word “alpha” on upper left corner of its website. It means there is lot more to come such as exciting new features and updates! Can’t wait for the Beta version? then your feedback will surely help accelerates and sharpens its product!



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