The future of work?

Posted on 10. Jun, 2011 by in blog, Coworking

Working at home is often too lonely and working in a café is too distracting thus finding a space to get work done with some like-minded people around you is ideal. This is the basic concept of coworking.

Laptop Nomads: this is the term which was used to denote a bunch of people working together with their laptops in one space. This term was a predecessor of coworking. This simple start evolved into groups of independent/freelance individuals sharing a space, conference rooms, and espresso machines which they can use to socialize with each other. This space was not restricted to just developers or business-types: artists and writers are a great fit for coworking spaces as well.

Today coworking is becoming the trend of many budding entrepreneurs as well as freelancers. A lot of co-working spaces are currently flourishing in big cities. Due to increasing rental fees of offices, startups as well as large enterprises are already adapting this new trend. Even banks like ING are exploring “cafes” for customers to cowork and have a latte’ while chatting about banking needs.

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