What It’s Like Working In A CoWorking Space

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It has been one month since I arrived here, the U.S. and three weeks since I started to work here at Citizen Space where I am working as an intern from Japan. When I heard about the concept of “CoWorking” I was really excited. “I’ve never heard like this idea in Japan!” Today, I would like to write how I feel in this office now about this new concept “CoWorking” from my point of view.

At first I imagined that there were a lot of Startup people in a CoWorking office, and they were working restlessly and looked very busy, and they made a confusion of voices in the office. However, contrary to my expectation, I found that the real one was a little different. It is very quiet. Of course sometimes people talk with others or on Skype, but it is basically quiet. Everyone is concentrating his or her mind on the work, PC. It means everyone has individual space and atmosphere each other. This CoWorking office makes it possible. I think it is very important in order to do good job. It is necessary for Startup people to have space where nobody else annoys them.

This CoWorking office also has a relaxing atmosphere. There is not only free coffee and snacks, but also a kitchen, a refrigerator, and a sofa. They give workers moderate rest and relaxation as if in a good coffee shop. If they want, they can take a rest, and re-start to work. In order to work for long time, we need a comfortable place which doesn’t make us only tired. In addition, working with other Startups keeps us efficient. Citizen Space reminds me of a library where I studied for University entrance exams with other students.

One of the interesting things CoWorking has is that people who have each kind of job are working in a same place. Talking with other Startups may inspire you. Sometimes, it may connect your business with others’ one. For business, connection is the key factor to succeed, so it is meaningful to work in this coworking office. In addition, you can host events in this office. It is really important for Startup to have an opportunity in which you can make your products popular.

As I said, I think CoWorking has great advantages, especially in Startup stage. It is different from sharing office in that CoWorking aim to make better place to work. It may let the business which would fail without CoWorking succeed. Working here with some people and with hope may decrease the number of unemployed workers. Therefore I hope that CoWorking gets common more and more. Of course I will do my best here as an intern.

If you are interested in more info on becoming a member, check out the member info page on the site here!

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