Citizen Space mugs have arrived!

Posted on 06. Jul, 2007 by in blog, Local News

New Citizen Space Mugs have arrived! (after: Wishingline)

Thanks to the good folks at Right Sleeve, we’ve received our order of sweet mugs (inspired by Wishingline’s original mugs).

The mug design process was captured, where else, but on Flickr?

For now, Citizen Space tenants will be the first recipients of mugs — and a number will replace our janky IKEA mugs that had been serving us in the conversation room. The rest well… would be perfect additions to coworking spaces around the world!

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  1. Imran Ali 7 July 2007 at 4:19 pm #

    oo! me please, we’re about to open a VERY plush coworkign space in leeds (UK)…with some early advice from tara and i’d love to have a promotional mug…btw, we’ll have some photos of ‘met:space’ up in a couple days time :)

  2. Imran Ali 15 July 2007 at 3:07 pm #

    Update – here’re the photos …

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