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What We Have

  • 4,000 square feet, open plan coworking space!
  • Twenty dedicated resident desks, 14 hot desks, and a cafe
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Large communal Cafe Member table that sits about 16
  • Designated Drop In Area for 10
  • Couches, several beanbag chairs, etc.
  • Reliable Wifi (50 mbps for residents, and 16 mbps for guest)
  • Loft Conference room that can seat about 25
  • Junior Conference room that can seat about 12
  • Three private bathrooms
  • Good sized kitchen with dishwasher, sink, microwave, oven, coffeemaker, teapot
  • Space to sit, a couch to nap on if need be, and large bean bags
  • Lots of snacks, water, tea, coffee
  • Inkjet printer/scanner/copier
  • Surround sound speakers/stereo
  • A Chandelier!
  • Moveable IKEA furniture
  • Projector/whitescreen
  • White boards, Flip boards, Chalk Walls, and Sticky Notes
  • UI Stencils and UX Flash Cards
  • Flip Charts
  • Large 48″ Sony flatscreen TV with HDMI
  • Server Rack for members with public IP for members
  • Phone system (Ask us to set up a FREE PBX for your Startup!)
  • Books (see Library)
  • Basic Office supplies
  • Private Phones Booth with room for two
  • 32″ & 19″ LCD Monitors for rent
  • 4G Mobile Phone Rental for International Visitors
  • Super smart people and good vibes
  • Warm home made chocolate chips cookies

What We Don’t Have in SF

  • Cubicles
  • Private offices
  • Shower
  • NDA’s
  • Incoming Fax Lines

Pretty much, we have all of the stuff that is conducive to a collaborative, casual, comfy workplace while we try to stay away from some of the traditional office stuff.



Member Perks

Task Rabbit - 15% Off Tasks 15% Off Tasks
San Francisco SOMA, SF
W Hotels SF: 40% - 50% Off 40% - 50% Off
Founders Card - 25% Off FOUNDERS
25% Off
Coffee & Tea COFFEE & TEA
Fueled Collective - 50% Off Coworking at Fueled FUELED COLLECTIVE
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