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What we offer
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What We Offer

Every great idea has to start somewhere. At Semantic Seed, we actively seek out those great ideas and help make them a reality.

But we're unlike other startup funding sources.

Semantic Seed offers grants, not loans. And we look for smart, hard-working people with a great high-tech business idea, not just Ivy Leaguers or seasoned entrepreneurs.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for funding just to get started or if you simply need to learn more about how to begin and run a successful startup, Semantic Seed has something to offer you.

No fancy resume required – Concerned you don't have the proper credentials for a grant? Don't be. Unlike many funding options out there, Semantic Seed favors passion, motivation and brains over past experience and fancy resumes.

The funding is great, but the support is priceless – Grant recipients take part in Semantic Seed's 3-month acceleration program, which includes mentoring from established entrepreneurs—several of which operate multiple businesses themselves—and direct access to them. You'll have access to more valuable one-on-one advice than any business school could offer. Find out more about our grants here.

Learn the secret startup handshake – Our StartUp Camp, which is run by Global Business Incubation, is designed for would-be entrepreneurs who need to learn the nuts and bolts of launching a startup. New entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to us, compete for a chance at $5000 in prize money, and even put together a team to help start your business. How often does that happen? Find out more about StartUp Camp here.

Minority entrepreneurs get major attention – Our new media summer accelerator program offers a select group of minority entrepreneurs the chance to become totally immersed in the startup process. Seven entrepreneurs, along with program mentors, live, eat and think together in our startup house in Silicon Valley during the 9-week program. Plus 10 other local minority entrepreneurs get to enjoy the experience (minus the living arrangements), including weekly dinners, mentoring and Demo Day. Find out more about our NewMe Accelerator here.

If you have questions for us, please contact Toby Morning, Semantic Seed mentor and partner at (866) 437-1582, ext. 1005 or contact us here.

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